Ma288 is an innovative horse racing website which provides different kind of information to public aim at assisting them to devise strategies within a command tent!




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Ma288 provides different horse racing channels to public on racing days, Our user can watch the exciting races through our web site no matter where you are. Additionally, user can also watch some world-classes and exciting horse racing on our web site periodically. Besides that, Ma288 will provide the overseas race clips for those new PPG. Base on those clips, our member can judge the horse in an advanced aspect.
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Ma288 paid member can manage their comments to each horse by "Personal Note" function. Once the horse has race in coming day, member can see their comments automatically. "Personal Note" not only available for horse, but also Trainer, Jockey and Track. More, member can monitor the change of odds of each horse. In response to different preference, we provide "Personal Odds Trend" page to which our paid member can add different kind of odds trend.

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