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25/09/2013  Happy Valley  Race 7

25/09/2013  Class 2  Happy Valley  Turf  C  1000m   Going: GOOD TO FIRM  (2.69)   Rating: 105 - 080   Section Time: (12.58)  (21.27)  (22.81)

Rank No Color Horse Jockey Trainer Draw Actual
Rating MA288 Rating LBW Finishing
Section Time Flags
1 4 LONDON CHINA TOWN O Doleuze C W Chang 2 128 92 26 1/2 0:56:66 5.2 4-3-1 12.86  21.19  22.61 

2 1 BEAUTY SPARKLE M Chadwick A S Cruz 1 129 95 84 1/2 0:56:74 1.7 2-1-2 12.66  21.19  22.89 

3 2 BUNDLE OF LOVE C Y Lui J Size 5 124 95 71 1-1/4 0:56:87 6.6 5-5-3 13.06  21.23  22.58 

4 5 IMPERIAL CHAMPION Z Purton C Fownes 8 126 90 67 1-1/2 0:56:92 16 7-7-4 13.30  21.39  22.23 

5 8 TOUCH GO A Suborics K W Lui 3 121 85 -28 1-3/4 0:56:95 12 3-4-5 12.74  21.39  22.82 

6 9 CELESTIAL CENTURY K C Leung R Gibson 6 116 82 63 2-3/4 0:57:12 45 6-6-6 13.18  21.15  22.79 

7 6 CHARITY SPIRIT H W Lai C S Shum 4 123 89 10 7 0:57:79 10 1-2-7 12.58  21.35  23.86 

8 3 FLYING COLOURS C Y Ho D Cruz 7 126 93 15 20-1/2 0:59:96 39 8-8-8 13.78  22.75  23.43 

7 HORSE GALORE N/A Y S Tsui 3 123 87 37 --

Steward Report Predict Pace Map
HORSE GALORE was withdrawn on 24.9.13 by order of the Stewards acting on veterinary advice (lame left fore). Before being allowed to race again, HORSE GALORE will be subjected to an official veterinary examination. On arrival at the Start, C Y Ho expressed concern regarding the action of FLYING COLOURS. FLYING COLOURS was examined by the Veterinary Officer who said after the necessary consultations the horse was suitable to race. Also on arrival at the Start, it was noted that CELESTIAL CENTURY had lost its right front plate. This plate was refitted. CELESTIAL CENTURY was examined by the Veterinary Officer who said in his opinion it was suitable to race. FLYING COLOURS was badly crowded for room at the start between CELESTIAL CENTURY which began awkwardly and shifted out and IMPERIAL CHAMPION which shifted in. After this, IMPERIAL CHAMPION, from the outside barrier, was taken across behind runners. FLYING COLOURS was then ridden along vigorously, however, became detached from the field in the early stages and finished tailed out. A veterinary inspection of FLYING COLOURS immediately following the race did not show any significant findings. The performance of FLYING COLOURS was considered unacceptable. Before being allowed to race again, FLYING COLOURS will be required to perform to the satisfaction of the Stewards in an official barrier trial and be subjected to an official veterinary examination. At the entrance to the Straight, IMPERIAL CHAMPION was shifted to the inside of CELESTIAL CENTURY to obtain clear running. IMPERIAL CHAMPION then had difficulty obtaining clear running over the final 100 Metres and because of this was not able to be properly tested. When questioned, H W Lai (CHARITY SPIRIT) stated that he had been instructed by the horse’s trainer, Mr C S Shum, to ride his mount in a forward position and if possible cross BEAUTY SPARKLE, the favourite for the race and lead on the rail. He said one of the owners of CHARITY SPIRIT was present when these instructions were given and also reiterated that, in his view, it would be best for CHARITY SPIRIT to race on the rail in front of BEAUTY SPARKLE rather than race outside that horse. He said in accordance with his instructions he rode CHARITY SPIRIT along vigorously in the early stages, however, CHARITY SPIRIT did not show sufficient speed to cross BEAUTY SPARKLE. He added after giving CHARITY SPIRIT every opportunity to cross BEAUTY SPARKLE, it became apparent to him that he would not be able to achieve this approaching the 700 Metres and he immediately relaxed on CHARITY SPIRIT with a view to having that horse sit outside BEAUTY SPARKLE. He said as he had ridden CHARITY SPIRIT along aggressively in the early stages, he was reluctant to overly restrain his mount at this time but rather he allowed the horse to relax so that it did not continue to race outside and in advance of BEAUTY SPARKLE. As Mr Shum had departed the racecourse immediately after the running of this race, the Stewards contacted him regarding the instructions he gave to Jockey Lai. Mr Shum confirmed the instructions and stated that he gave these instructions as BEAUTY SPARKLE had won a race late last season when ridden behind the leader and he anticipated that BUNDLE OF LOVE may show sufficient speed in the early stages to cross BEAUTY SPARKLE which would prevent CHARITY SPIRIT from racing on the rail. He said therefore he felt that it would be in the best interests of CHARITY SPIRIT for the horse to be ridden along early and cross BEAUTY SPARKLE if possible which would prevent BUNDLE OF LOVE, which was drawn outside CHARITY SPIRIT, from being able to cross to the rail. A veterinary inspection of CHARITY SPIRIT immediately following the race did not show any significant findings. The Stewards will interview Mr Shum prior to the Sha Tin racemeeting to be conducted on Tuesday, 1 October 2013 regarding the instructions given to Jockey Lai. LONDON CHINA TOWN and BEAUTY SPARKLE were sent for sampling.

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* - Priority to Run
() - Order of Trainer Preference
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- Under Rated
- Gain benefit in rating
- Reach last winning rating
- Good in sectional
- Did win in wet track
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