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16/06/2019  Class 4  Shatin  Turf  C+3  1400m   Going: GOOD TO FIRM  (2.7)   Rating: 060 - 040   Section Time: (13.42)  (21.87)  (23.81)  (23.03)

Rank No Color Horse Jockey Trainer Draw Actual
Rating MA288 Rating LBW Finishing
Section Time Flags
1 6 GREAT TREASURE A Sanna Y S Tsui 13 125 54 -63 1-3/4 1:22:13 37 14-13-12-1 14.66  21.95  23.17  22.35 

2 11 CHIU CHOW KID M L Yeung T P Yung 5 119 50 -25 1-3/4 1:22:41 45 13-14-14-2 14.38  22.23  23.37  22.43 

3 2 GIFT OF LIFELINE K Teetan A T Millard 8 130 59 51 2-1/4 1:22:47 5.8 5-5-5-3 13.70  22.07  23.61  23.09 

4 9 KING'S RACE C Y Ho K H Ting 1 123 52 62 2-1/2 1:22:53 34 6-6-6-4 13.82  22.07  23.65  22.99 

5 8 INTREPIC J Moreira D J Hall 11 123 52 9 2-3/4 1:22:57 5.5 11-11-9-5 14.26  22.07  23.29  22.95 

6 4 CARE FREE PRINCE K H Chan K L Man 12 115 54 -4 3-1/2 1:22:71 25 1-1-1-6 13.42  21.87  23.81  23.61 

7 14 IRISH VEGA G van Niekerk C H Yip 10 118 47 9 4 1:22:78 43 10-8-8-7 14.10  21.95  23.49  23.24 

8 7 RELENTLESS ME A Domeyer W Y So 2 125 54 17 4 1:22:78 4.4 7-7-7-8 13.82  22.11  23.61  23.24 

9 3 THE CREATETH M Harley J Moore 7 129 58 8 5-1/2 1:23:01 18 8-9-10-9 13.94  22.19  23.57  23.31 

10 10 VICTORY IN HAND U Rispoli K W Lui 9 123 52 58 6 1:23:08 15 2-3-3-10 13.46  22.15  23.65  23.82 

11 13 ONE STEP AHEAD C Schofield P O'Sullivan 4 121 50 57 7-1/2 1:23:31 49 9-10-11-11 14.02  22.15  23.61  23.53 

12 5 FLYING TIGER HERO N Callan R Gibson 6 125 54 28 8-1/4 1:23:43 184 3-4-4-12 13.66  22.07  23.65  24.05 

13 12 FOCUS M F Poon P F Yiu 14 118 50 57 10-3/4 1:23:85 386 4-2-2-13 13.70  21.71  23.85  24.59 

14 1 BEAUTY LOYAL Z Purton A S Cruz 3 130 59 13 12-3/4 1:24:17 2.9 12-12-13-14 14.30  22.07  23.45  24.35 

Steward Report Predict Pace Map
VICTORY IN HAND began very awkwardly and made contact with IRISH VEGA. INTREPIC began only fairly and then along with GREAT TREASURE was shifted across behind runners in the early stages. Approaching the 1200 Metres, RELENTLESS ME was steadied away from the heels of FLYING TIGER HERO which was awkwardly placed inside the heels of VICTORY IN HAND. At the 1100 Metres, KING’S RACE was hampered when momentarily awkwardly placed inside the heels of FLYING TIGER HERO. On the first turn near the 900 Metres, ONE STEP AHEAD got its head up when being steadied away from the heels of KING’S RACE. BEAUTY LOYAL, which was following and travelling keenly, was checked in consequence. GIFT OF LIFELINE was left racing wide and without cover at the 850 Metres. Approaching the 600 Metres, BEAUTY LOYAL commenced to prove difficult to settle and was severely checked away from the heels of ONE STEP AHEAD. RELENTLESS ME had difficulty obtaining clear running in the early part of the Straight. Over the final 200 Metres, VICTORY IN HAND hung in under pressure and proved difficult to ride. Over the concluding stages, IRISH VEGA was awkwardly placed inside the heels of INTREPIC and as a consequence was not able to be ridden out all the way to the finishing line. The Stewards deferred the declaration of weighed-in whilst they considered if BEAUTY LOYAL had been afforded a fair start. Evidence was taken from Jockey Z Purton and Starter, Mr A Speechley. After taking evidence from both parties and after viewing the official videos, it was established that after being one of the last horses loaded into the barriers, BEAUTY LOYAL was assisted by a starting gate handler at its head and also by another attendant who assisted by giving the horse a tail and stood satisfactorily. It was further established that as the start was effected, BEAUTY LOYAL became fractious and consequently was slow to begin. As the Stewards formed the opinion that BEAUTY LOYAL had not had an unfair start, the horse was deemed to be a runner. Nonetheless the Stewards will establish the reasons for BEAUTY LOYAL being assisted by a starting gate handler at the horse’s tail when this was not as had been requested by Trainer A S Cruz. When questioned, Z Purton stated that after missing the start, BEAUTY LOYAL was able to make up some ground and settled just behind midfield in the early stages. He said when the tempo slowed on the first turn near the 900 Metres, BEAUTY LOYAL was checked away from the heels of ONE STEP AHEAD and then approaching the 600 Metres reacted adversely to the slowing of the tempo and was again severely checked away from the heels of ONE STEP AHEAD. He said after shifting BEAUTY LOYAL out in the early part of the Straight, he noted there was an opportunity to improve to the inside of THE CREATETH, however, after improving inside that horse by the 300 Metres, there was no run which then presented itself in advance of BEAUTY LOYAL. He said as he was well-established inside THE CREATETH, it was too late a stage to restrain his mount and shift to the outside of that horse. He added as BEAUTY LOYAL was not stretching out comfortably and as BEAUTY LOYAL was well out of contention, he eased it down over the latter stages. A veterinary inspection of BEAUTY LOYAL immediately following the race did not show any significant findings. A veterinary inspection of THE CREATETH and RELENTLESS ME immediately following the race did not show any significant findings. BEAUTY LOYAL, GREAT TREASURE and CHIU CHOW KID were sent for sampling. <23/6/2019 16 June 2019 Sha Tin Racemeeting – Race 7 (746)>After reviewing the videos of last Sunday’s Sha Tin racemeeting, as is standard practice, the Stewards felt it was appropriate to question Jockey G van Niekerk (IRISH VEGA) today as to whether he had the opportunity to shift his mount to the outside of INTREPIC near the 100 Metres and provide IRISH VEGA with clear and uninterrupted running over the concluding stages. On the day in question, the Stewards reported that IRISH VEGA was awkwardly placed inside the heels of INTREPIC over the concluding stages and consequently was not able to be tested. G van Niekerk stated that after shifting IRISH VEGA to the outside of GIFT OF LIFELINE at the entrance to the Straight and commencing to place his mount under pressure, INTREPIC improved quickly to the outside of IRISH VEGA and commenced to gain a margin over his mount approaching and passing the 200 Metres. He said after the 200 Metres INTREPIC commenced to shift in gradually under pressure which obliged him to put the whip away and near the 100 Metres he commenced to shift IRISH VEGA out to come to the outside of INTREPIC which he anticipated would continue to shift in under pressure. He added however at this stage he felt that his mount was too close to the heels of INTREPIC to safely manoeuvre to the outside of that horse and moreover he noticed that INTREPIC had straightened up and which presented a clear run between that horse and GIFT OF LIFELINE which shifted in. He said after recommitting to the inside of INTREPIC, GIFT OF LIFELINE shifted out which resulted in IRISH VEGA being disappointed for a run and then being held up over the concluding stages. G van Niekerk was advised that his comments would be reported, however, he was reminded of his obligation to provide his mounts with clear running at the earliest opportunity.

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