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04/03/2020  Happy Valley  Race 5

04/03/2020  Class 4  Happy Valley  Turf  B  1200m   Going: GOOD  (2.72)   Rating: 060 - 040   Section Time: (23.90)  (23.17)  (23.94)

Rank No Color Horse Jockey Trainer Draw Actual
Rating MA288 Rating LBW Finishing
Section Time Flags
1 1 SHAMPORT C Y Ho C Fownes 3 133 59 10 N 1:11:01 7.6 8-6-1 24.50  22.97  23.54 

2 9 WOOD ON FIRE M Chadwick L Ho 6 121 47 50 N 1:11:06 10 10-8-2 24.74  22.93  23.39 

3 2 MEHBOOB Z Purton P O'Sullivan 2 131 57 42 1/2 1:11:10 2.7 2-4-3 24.02  23.25  23.83 

4 5 THIS IS CHARISMA K Teetan K W Lui 1 124 50 51 1/2 1:11:11 6.2 5-3-4 24.30  22.97  23.84 

5 3 EVERBRAVE B Shinn K L Man 8 128 54 -8 3-1/4 1:11:51 55 7-7-5 24.42  23.25  23.84 

6 7 GORGEOUS INHERITOR M F Poon C H Yip 11 121 49 54 3-3/4 1:11:62 198 12-12-6 24.94  23.17  23.51 

7 6 SUPER ALLIANCES J Moreira J Size 12 124 50 48 4 1:11:63 4.7 1-1-7 23.90  23.17  24.56 

8 10 ADONIS K C Leung D J Whyte 9 119 45 13 5-1/2 1:11:89 33 4-2-8 24.14  23.01  24.74 

9 12 GRAND HARBOUR H N Wong C W Chang 10 112 41 -157 6 1:11:96 191 3-5-9 24.10  23.37  24.49 

10 8 VICTORY FOR ALL G van Niekerk Y S Tsui 7 122 48 49 6-1/4 1:12:00 7.9 9-10-10 24.58  23.29  24.13 

11 11 ISLAND WINNER C Wong P F Yiu 4 113 44 35 6-1/4 1:12:02 16 6-9-11 24.34  23.53  24.15 

12 4 DASHING GRACE M L Yeung T P Yung 5 126 52 54 10-1/2 1:12:69 408 11-11-12 24.78  23.33  24.58 

5 CEREFINO K Teetan W Y So 1 124 50 -- 0 0-0-0

Steward Report Predict Pace Map
CEREFINO was withdrawn on 3.3.20 by order of the Stewards acting on veterinary advice (lame left fore) and was replaced by Standby Declared Starter THIS IS CHARISMA (K Teetan). Before being allowed to race again, CEREFINO will be subjected to an official veterinary examination. VICTORY FOR ALL shifted out at the start and bumped EVERBRAVE. VICTORY FOR ALL was then crowded for room a short distance after the start between EVERBRAVE and WOOD ON FIRE which shifted out. ISLAND WINNER shifted out at the start and bumped DASHING GRACE, causing DASHING GRACE to lose ground and ISLAND WINNER to become unbalanced. ISLAND WINNER then shifted out, resulting in WOOD ON FIRE and VICTORY FOR ALL being tightened for room inside EVERBRAVE near the 1175 Metres. From a wide barrier, GORGEOUS INHERITOR was shifted across behind runners shortly after the start. After beginning only fairly, ADONIS was then ridden along to obtain a forward position and subsequently travelled wide and without cover throughout the race. Near the 1100 Metres, VICTORY FOR ALL was steadied away from the heels of ISLAND WINNER which got its head on the side and shifted out away from MEHBOOB. Making the turn after the 1000 Metres, GRAND HARBOUR got its head on the side and lay out, resulting in ADONIS racing in restricted room inside SUPER ALLIANCES. VICTORY FOR ALL travelled keenly after the 1000 Metres when being steadied to obtain cover and then got its head up when awkwardly placed behind ISLAND WINNER for some distance approaching the 800 Metres. Approaching the 200 Metres, EVERBRAVE was shifted in away from the heels of ADONIS which then shifted out away from the heels of MEHBOOB which shifted out away from SUPER ALLIANCES which lay out under pressure. A veterinary inspection of SUPER ALLIANCES immediately following the race found that horse to be lame in its left front leg. Before being allowed to race again, SUPER ALLIANCES will be subjected to an official veterinary examination. Having regard to SUPER ALLIANCES’ recent history of lameness issues, the Stewards referred the matter to the Department of Veterinary Regulation, Welfare and Biosecurity Policy for review. When questioned regarding his riding of ISLAND WINNER, Apprentice C Wong stated that he was instructed to obtain a trailing position behind the leaders from barrier 4 if possible. He said ISLAND WINNER began well and in the early stages was racing to the outside of MEHBOOB with GRAND HARBOUR being vigorously ridden from a wide barrier to take up a forward position. He said as GRAND HARBOUR was being ridden to lead, he allowed that horse to cross ISLAND WINNER after the 1000 Metres. He said at this stage he was racing to the outside of the heels of MEHBOOB and felt that he would be able to obtain a position one horse off the rail behind GRAND HARBOUR which he anticipated would race to the outside of MEHBOOB. He said when MEHBOOB did not shift down to the rail, this resulted in GRAND HARBOUR remaining racing in a three wide position. He said at the 900 Metres he was unaware that there was an opportunity to shift in to race outside THIS IS CHARISMA as ISLAND WINNER was travelling keenly and was racing close to the heels of GRAND HARBOUR. He added this allowed SHAMPORT the opportunity to improve its position inside ISLAND WINNER near the 850 Metres. He said for some distance approaching and passing the 800 Metres ISLAND WINNER was very awkwardly placed behind GRAND HARBOUR which was having difficulty maintaining its position and this resulted in him having to check ISLAND WINNER away from the heels of GRAND HARBOUR after the 700 Metres. He said when GRAND HARBOUR was not able to maintain its position, ISLAND WINNER was taken back through the field and lost its position near the 600 Metres. Apprentice Wong was advised that he had ridden a poorly judged race on ISLAND WINNER in the early and middle stages in that after being crossed by GRAND HARBOUR he did not shift in passing the 1000 Metres to race directly to the outside of THIS IS CHARISMA, rather he remained racing in a three wide position which provided SHAMPORT the opportunity to improve its position inside ISLAND WINNER and which resulted in ISLAND WINNER then losing its position after the 700 Metres. He was told that he must ensure that he rides his mounts competitively and positions them advantageously so that they are able to obtain the best possible position. A veterinary inspection of VICTORY FOR ALL immediately following the race did not show any significant findings. MEHBOOB, SHAMPORT and WOOD ON FIRE were sent for sampling.

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