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09/05/2020  Class 3  Shatin  All Weather Track    1650m   Going: GOOD  (9.31)    Rating: 080 - 060   Section Time: (27.85)  (23.21)  (24.06)  (23.57)

Rank No Color Horse Jockey Trainer Draw Actual
Rating MA288 Rating LBW Finishing
Section Time Flags
1 8 TOUCH OF LUCK V Borges J Moore 1 116 63 34 N 1:38:69 12 3-4-4-1 28.09  23.25  24.02  23.33 

2 4 CLEAR CHOICE Z Purton C S Shum 8 123 70 27 N 1:38:76 6.7 2-3-3-2 28.01  23.29  24.06  23.40 

3 9 UNITE SPIRIT M F Poon D E Ferraris 7 112 60 50 1/2 1:38:80 12 9-9-8-3 28.65  23.37  23.62  23.16 

4 5 GREAT TREASURE C Y Ho Y S Tsui 2 119 66 -68 3 1:39:19 6.9 8-8-9-4 28.65  23.29  23.98  23.27 

5 3 GAMEPLAYER TIMES C Schofield D J Whyte 3 127 74 91 3-1/2 1:39:26 25 7-7-7-5 28.45  23.29  23.90  23.62 

6 7 LONDON LUCKYSTAR A Hamelin D E Ferraris 5 118 64 32 3-3/4 1:39:28 3.1 4-5-5-6 28.13  23.25  24.10  23.80 

7 1 PING HAI TREASURE J Moreira J Size 9 133 80 38 3-3/4 1:39:30 4.2 6-6-6-7 28.45  23.01  24.14  23.70 

7 6 CALIFORNIA ARGENT K Teetan A S Cruz 4 117 64 23 3-3/4 1:39:30 8 1-2-1-7 27.85  23.29  23.98  24.18 

9 2 HANDSOME BO BO C Wong K L Man 6 126 78 18 13-3/4 1:40:91 30 5-1-2-9 28.13  22.93  24.18  25.67 

Steward Report Predict Pace Map
As the start was effected, HANDSOME BO BO became fractious, lifted its front feet off the ground and consequently was slow to begin. After being slow to begin, HANDSOME BO BO was then ridden along to recover lost ground and after obtaining a midfield position on the rail commenced to prove difficult to settle after the 1400 Metres and shifted out away from the heels of TOUCH OF LUCK despite the efforts of its rider, resulting in GAMEPLAYER TIMES being crowded for room inside LONDON LUCKYSTAR. After shifting out from behind TOUCH OF LUCK to follow CLEAR CHOICE, HANDSOME BO BO continued to prove very difficult to settle and approaching the 1200 Metres was checked out away from the heels of CLEAR CHOICE and improved its position around that horse and into the lead. When HANDSOME BO BO was shifted out away from the heels of CLEAR CHOICE, LONDON LUCKYSTAR, which was racing three wide and without cover, was hampered and taken wider. GREAT TREASURE began awkwardly and then lost ground when bumped by TOUCH OF LUCK which shifted out. UNITE SPIRIT was steadied in the early stages to obtain cover. Approaching the 1200 Metres, GREAT TREASURE was awkwardly placed close to the heels of PING HAI TREASURE which was racing tight inside GAMEPLAYER TIMES as that horse was steadied away from the heels of HANDSOME BO BO which shifted out. After the 750 Metres, PING HAI TREASURE got its head on the side and lay in towards the heels of TOUCH OF LUCK. For some distance after this, PING HAI TREASURE continued to lay in under pressure. Passing the 600 Metres, TOUCH OF LUCK was awkwardly placed behind CALIFORNIA ARGENT. When questioned, A Hamelin stated that he was instructed to obtain a midfield position with cover if possible on LONDON LUCKYSTAR. He said LONDON LUCKYSTAR began very well and he immediately steadied his mount to obtain cover initially behind CALIFORNIA ARGENT which was being ridden along to obtain a forward position. He said passing the winning post on the first occasion he was racing outside of and in advance of GAMEPLAYER TIMES and when that horse remained racing in a one-off position, this resulted in LONDON LUCKYSTAR racing in a three wide position He said it was not available to him to steady LONDON LUCKYSTAR to obtain cover behind GAMEPLAYER TIMES as the horse was traveling keenly and PING HAI TREASURE had established its position behind and inside LONDON LUCKYSTAR. He said LONDON LUCKYSTAR was left racing three wide and without cover passing the 1400 Metres and then was taken wider by HANDSOME BO BO which shifted out away from the heels of CLEAR CHOICE near the 1200 Metres. He added after HANDSOME BO BO improved to the inside of LONDON LUCKYSTAR, he steadied his mount in an attempt to obtain cover, however, when HANDSOME BO BO improved forward of CLEAR CHOICE, this resulted in LONDON LUCKYSTAR continuing to race wide and without cover for the remainder of the race. A veterinary inspection of LONDON LUCKYSTAR immediately following the race did not show any significant findings. A veterinary inspection of HANDSOME BO BO and UNITE SPIRIT immediately following the race did not show any significant findings. LONDON LUCKYSTAR, TOUCH OF LUCK and CLEAR CHOICE were sent for sampling.

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() - Order of Trainer Preference
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- Gain benefit in rating
- Reach last winning rating
- Good in sectional
- Did win in wet track
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- Won in Soft or Heavy Track
- Placed in Soft or Heavy Track
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