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08/04/2021  Happy Valley  Race 6

08/04/2021  Class 4  Happy Valley  Turf  A  1200m   Going: GOOD TO FIRM  (2.71)   Rating: 060 - 043   Section Time: (24.06)  (22.51)  (23.43)

Rank No Color Horse Jockey Trainer Draw Actual
Rating MA288 Rating LBW Finishing
Section Time Flags
1 3 GOODLUCK GOODLUCK K C Leung W Y So 1 129 56 25 2 1:10:00 9.1 1-1-1 24.06  22.51  23.43 

2 8 STAR OF WUYI Z Purton K W Lui 10 123 50 55 2 1:10:33 2.5 11-10-2 24.82  22.71  22.80 

3 4 PEAK TO PEAK J Moreira F C Lor 6 127 54 51 2-1/4 1:10:37 3.5 2-2-3 24.18  22.63  23.56 

4 2 CHATER PINS A Badel D A Hayes 2 129 56 42 2-1/2 1:10:39 27 4-5-4 24.38  22.71  23.30 

5 7 CHIKORITA K Teetan C W Chang 9 124 51 2 2-1/2 1:10:41 24 9-6-5 24.62  22.63  23.16 

6 10 ORIENTAL AMIGO C Y Ho Y S Tsui 8 122 49 24 2-3/4 1:10:42 8.3 8-7-6 24.62  22.67  23.13 

7 11 STAR OF RED H N Wong K H Ting 5 114 44 51 3-1/2 1:10:57 111 5-4-7 24.42  22.63  23.52 

8 5 XPONENTIAL C L Chau D J Whyte 12 119 53 27 6-1/4 1:10:99 17 12-12-8 25.06  22.79  23.14 

9 9 MULTIPOWER A Hamelin A S Cruz 4 122 49 53 6-3/4 1:11:09 74 6-9-9 24.46  23.03  23.60 

10 1 MR LUMIERES B Shinn D J Hall 11 133 60 -4 7 1:11:10 21 10-11-10 24.82  22.71  23.57 

11 12 FANTASTIC FABIO M F Poon C H Yip 3 114 43 -51 7 1:11:13 24 3-3-11 24.26  22.79  24.08 

12 6 GRATWICK R Maia T P Yung 7 125 52 -6 14 1:12:23 18 7-8-12 24.58  22.79  24.86 

Steward Report Predict Pace Map
On arrival at the Start, it was noted that MULTIPOWER had blood in its mouth. MULTIPOWER was examined by the Veterinary Officer and found to be suitable to race. CHATER PINS and ORIENTAL AMIGO began only fairly. CHIKORITA began awkwardly and lost ground and then was steadied away from the heels of STAR OF WUYI which was taken in by MR LUMIERES. After this, MR LUMIERES was steadied to obtain cover. From a wide barrier, STAR OF WUYI was also steadied to obtain cover in the early stages. From the outside barrier, XPONENTIAL was steadied shortly after the start to obtain cover. When being steadied to obtain cover behind GRATWICK, STAR OF WUYI travelled keenly passing the 1100 Metres and was awkwardly placed outside the heels of that horse. STAR OF WUYI then raced close to the heels of GRATWICK after the 900 Metres. For a considerable distance approaching and passing the 800 Metres, MULTIPOWER was very awkwardly placed close to the heels of FANTASTIC FABIO. After initially being directed towards the inside of PEAK TO PEAK after the 150 Metres, CHIKORITA was then directed to the outside of that horse approaching the 100 Metres to obtain clear running. When being shifted to the outside of PEAK TO PEAK, CHIKORITA was momentarily awkwardly placed behind that horse until being able to shift out in front of FANTASTIC FABIO to obtain clear running. For the majority of the race, STAR OF RED travelled wide and without cover. When questioned, M F Poon stated that he was asked to ride FANTASTIC FABIO positively in the early stages in an attempt to clear GOODLUCK GOODLUCK to his inside. He said he was told that if FANTASTIC FABIO did not show sufficient early speed to clear that horse, it was available to him to either remain racing to the outside of GOODLUCK GOODLUCK or to take a trailing position. He said after riding his mount positively in the early stages, FANTASTIC FABIO did not show sufficient speed to be able to clear GOODLUCK GOODLUCK and therefore after the 1100 Metres he discontinued riding his mount aggressively and initially raced to the outside of GOODLUCK GOODLUCK. He said as he was of the opinion that the pace of the race was good in the early stages and that GOODLUCK GOODLUCK and FANTASTIC FABIO had appeared to open up somewhat of a gap over the remainder of the field, he felt that it was available to him to take a trailing position and sit off GOODLUCK GOODLUCK. He said for this reason he steadied FANTASTIC FABIO making the turn near the 1000 Metres and then on entering the Back Straight near the 900 Metres he was aware that PEAK TO PEAK was commencing to improve its position to the outside of FANTASTIC FABIO. He said when CHATER PINS improved its position to be racing inside FANTASTIC FABIO after the 900 Metres, he elected to allow PEAK TO PEAK to cross FANTASTIC FABIO and obtain a trailing position. He said he continued to follow PEAK TO PEAK in the middle stages before coming under pressure rounding the Home Turn and finished off the race only fairly. He said he was concerned that if he had remained racing outside GOODLUCK GOODLUCK with PEAK TO PEAK to his outside, this may have resulted in the three horses vying for the lead which may not have allowed FANTASTIC FABIO the opportunity to finish off the race. Mr C H Yip, the trainer of FANTASTIC FABIO, confirmed that he had instructed Jockey Poon to try and lead on FANTASTIC FABIO and that if the horse was not able to do so, then he should obtain a position either outside of GOODLUCK GOODLUCK or take a trailing position depending on the tempo of the race. He said immediately following the race he questioned Jockey Poon about not maintaining the position outside GOODLUCK GOODLUCK after the 1000 Metres as he believed that this position was available for FANTASTIC FABIO rather than allowing PEAK TO PEAK the opportunity to cross FANTASTIC FABIO without having to work to do so. M F Poon was severely reprimanded and advised that, in the opinion of the Stewards, his riding of FANTASTIC FABIO after the 1100 Metres had lacked the necessary level of judgement and initiative expected of a senior rider. He was told that, given the tempo of the race and his instructions, it was entirely reasonable for him to remain racing outside GOODLUCK GOODLUCK rather than steadying his mount unnecessarily which allowed PEAK TO PEAK the opportunity to improve its position forward of FANTASTIC FABIO and obtain the position outside GOODLUCK GOODLUCK which was a position available for FANTASTIC FABIO. He was further told to ensure that he rides his mounts in such a manner in future to ensure that they are provided with the best opportunity to finish off their races and to comply with his instructions wherever appropriate circumstances permit. After the race, Mr W Y So, the trainer of GOODLUCK GOODLUCK, stated that at its most recent start when the horse finished last, use had to be made of the horse to obtain a forward position from a wide barrier. He said tonight GOODLUCK GOODLUCK was able to obtain a softer lead from barrier 1 and with a more moderate tempo in the early and middle stages this had allowed the horse to finish off the race better than at its most recent start. Apprentice C L Chau, the rider of the 8th placed, XPONENTIAL, was fined the sum of $3,000 for initially failing to weigh in after the race. A veterinary inspection of MR LUMIERES immediately following the race did not show any significant findings. A veterinary inspection of GRATWICK immediately following the race found that horse to have bled from both nostrils. A veterinary inspection of FANTASTIC FABIO immediately following the race found that horse to have sustained a minor laceration to the right front pastern. GOODLUCK GOODLUCK and STAR OF WUYI were sent for sampling.

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