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24/10/2021  Class 4  Shatin  Turf  C  1200m   Going: GOOD TO FIRM  (2.71)   Rating: 058 - 043   Section Time: (23.56)  (22.83)  (22.77)

Rank No Color Horse Jockey Trainer Draw Actual
Rating LBW Finishing
Section Time Cability Idx Flags Overall Rating
1 8 GOOD BUDDY Z Purton D J Hall 5 124 49 SH 1:09:16 6.6 6-6-1 24.00  22.59  22.57 
2 2 FIRE BALL K H Chan C H Yip 3 126 58 SH 1:09:17 8.3 1-1-2 23.56  22.83  22.78 
3 5 STREET SCREAM K Teetan A S Cruz 1 129 54 1/2 1:09:24 3.3 5-5-3 23.88  22.67  22.69 
4 1 CHICKEN DANCE A Hamelin P O'Sullivan 9 133 58 3/4 1:09:31 22 10-10-4 24.24  22.51  22.56 
5 6 SIGHT SPIRIT J Moreira J Size 2 127 52 2-1/4 1:09:51 3.3 8-8-5 24.12  22.55  22.84 
6 3 PEGASUS GLORY M Chadwick Y S Tsui 6 133 58 2-1/4 1:09:52 12 11-9-6 24.32  22.39  22.81 
7 4 BEAUTY AMIGO M F Poon K L Man 12 128 55 3-3/4 1:09:77 21 3-2-7 23.76  22.75  23.26 
7 7 FOXHUNTER WAY C Y Ho K W Lui 4 126 51 3-3/4 1:09:77 27 9-11-7 24.20  22.59  22.98 
9 10 COMPULSORY L Ferraris A T Millard 11 123 48 4-3/4 1:09:94 124 12-12-9 24.48  22.51  22.95 
10 12 TAKINGUFURTHER H N Wong K H Ting 10 115 43 5 1:09:95 66 7-7-10 24.04  22.59  23.32 
11 9 SHENRON B Shinn D A Hayes 7 124 49 5-1/2 1:10:02 19 4-4-11 23.84  22.71  23.47 
12 11 PEAK TO PEAK C L Chau F C Lor 8 118 46 8-1/2 1:10:52 20 2-3-12 23.60  22.95  23.97 

Steward Report Predict Pace Map
PEGASUS GLORY lifted its front feet off the ground as the start was effected and began only fairly. On jumping, CHICKEN DANCE and TAKINGUFURTHER bumped. After this, CHICKEN DANCE was steadied to obtain cover. From a wide barrier, COMPULSORY was also steadied in the early stages and shifted across behind runners. BEAUTY AMIGO was ridden along for some distance in the early stages from the outside barrier, however, was slow to muster speed and then throughout the race travelled wide and without cover in a forward position. After travelling a short distance, STREET SCREAM got its head on the side and shifted out despite the efforts of its rider and inconvenienced FIRE BALL. Making the turn at the 900 Metres, FOXHUNTER WAY lost ground when crowded for room between GOOD BUDDY and SIGHT SPIRIT which got its head on the side and shifted out. For some distance after the 500 Metres, PEGASUS GLORY raced tight inside SIGHT SPIRIT when endeavouring to improve into restricted room inside that horse. PEGASUS GLORY was held up for clear running from passing the 400 Metres until near the 300 Metres. For the majority of the race, TAKINGUFURTHER travelled wide and without cover. When questioned, J Moreira stated that he had not been tied down to any specific instructions but rather to ride SIGHT SPIRIT, which was having its first race start today, where it was comfortable and attempt to shift the horse to the outside of runners in the Straight if possible. He said it was felt that the horse may have sufficient speed to be able to take up a forward position and he anticipated that SIGHT SPIRIT, from an inside barrier, may be able to take a trailing position behind the leaders if the horse began satisfactorily. He said SIGHT SPIRIT began only fairly and then shifted out towards FIRE BALL which itself shifted in, resulting in SIGHT SPIRIT losing ground and having to be ridden along in the early stages to make up lost ground. He said he was able to obtain a position behind STREET SCREAM after the 1100 Metres and to obtain this position, he did not have to make undue use of SIGHT SPIRIT. He said in the middle stages he continued to follow STREET SCREAM and when it appeared to him after the 600 Metres that STREET SCREAM was going to be ridden to follow the leader FIRE BALL through rounding the Home Turn, he commenced to shift to the outside of STREET SCREAM after the 600 Metres into running which became available to PEAK TO PEAK as a result of SHENRON shifting in to that horse’s outside. He said he did consider following STREET SCREAM through rounding the Home Turn as he felt that that horse would be a good chance, however, if he did this, by the time that STREET SCREAM obtained clear running between FIRE BALL and PEAK TO PEAK, this may result in SIGHT SPIRIT not being provided with enough time to obtain clear running. He added he therefore elected after the 500 Metres to shift to the outside of PEAL TO PEAK and follow BEAUTY AMIGO with a view to obtaining clear running either inside or outside that horse in the early part of the Straight. He said passing the 400 Metres SIGHT SPIRIT was held up for clear running behind BEAUTY AMIGO and racing tight inside the heels of SHENRON. He further stated that due to the positioning of SHENRON which was racing outside and in advance of SIGHT SPIRIT which in turn had GOOD BUDDY racing immediately to its outside and at the same time PEAK TO PEAK was commencing to give ground to the inside of BEAUTY AMIGO, SIGHT SPIRIT was then badly held up for clear running until passing the 200 Metres at which stage PEAK TO PEAK weakened sufficiently to allow him the opportunity to shift SIGHT SPIRIT to the inside of BEAUTY AMIGO to obtain clear running. He said after this SIGHT SPIRIT finished off the race strongly. SIGHT SPIRIT, GOOD BUDDY and FIRE BALL were sent for sampling.

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