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23/09/2007  Shatin  Race 8

23/09/2007  Class 3  Shatin  Turf  B+2  1200m   Going: GOOD TO FIRM  (2.74)   Rating: 075 - 055   Section Time: (23.90)  (22.40)  (22.90)

Rank No Color Horse Jockey Trainer Draw Actual
Rating LBW Finishing
Section Time Cability Idx Flags Overall Rating
1 11 M Nunes J Moore 7 119 64 0.5 1:09:20 2.9 2-2-1-1
2 1 S K Sit C S Shum 3 130 75 0.50 1:09:30 58 1-4-4-2
3 4 STEP TO WIN M Guyon A Lee 6 127 72 1-1/4 1:09:40 6.7 8-5-5-3
4 2 MONEY MAN C K Tong C Fownes 13 130 75 2 1:09:50 11 3-1-2-4
5 3 ENCHANTED F Coetzee C W Chang 8 129 74 2-1/4 1:09:50 26 9-13-10-5
6 12 RAINBOW OASIS P H Lo Y S Tsui 2 119 64 2.25 1:09:50 99 4-7-6-6
7 5 THUNDER DANCING K Shea Y S Tsui 9 124 69 2-1/2 1:09:50 16 7-9-8-7
8 14 FERRO BEAU W M Lai C Fownes 4 116 61 2-3/4 1:09:60 71 5-8-9-8
9 13 CONGRATULATION D Whyte J Size 11 117 62 4-1/2 1:09:90 5 11-3-3-9
10 9 FAIR WIN B Prebble D J Hall 10 120 65 5-1/4 1:10:00 13 12-10-7-10
11 10 SINGING DINERS E Saint-Martin C S Shum 14 120 65 5-1/4 1:10:00 5.3 13-11-11-11
12 8 WINNESSY Z Purton K L Man 5 121 66 6 1:10:10 99 10-12-12-12
13 6 Y T Cheng C H Yip 1 124 69 10-3/4 1:10:90 48 14-14-14-13
14 7 A Delpech A Schutz 12 122 67 12.50 1:11:10 75 6-6-13-14

Steward Report Predict Pace Map
During its preliminary, Y T Cheng was dislodged from WALK WITH ME. WALK WITH ME then broke free and travelled a short distance prior to being recaptured. After arriving at the Start, WALK WITH ME was examined by the Veterinary Officer who said in his opinion it was suitable to race. WALK WITH ME was slow to begin. In the early stages, FAIR WIN was taken across behind runners. After the 1100 Metres, WINNESSY got its head up when being steadied while awkwardly placed between FERRO BEAU and STEP TO WIN. Approaching the turn at the 800 Metres, WALK WITH ME bumped the running rail, became badly unbalanced and lost a considerable amount of ground after being brushed by WINNESSY which proved very difficult to settle, got its head up and shifted in when being steadied away from the heels of FERRO BEAU. D Whyte (CONGRATULATION) was found guilty of a charge of careless riding [Rule 100(1)] in that near the 800 Metres he permitted his mount to shift in when not clear of STEP TO WIN, causing the horse to be carried in across the rightful running of FERRO BEAU which as a result was checked. D Whyte was suspended from riding in races for a period to expire on Monday 15 October 2007 on which day he may resume race riding (2 Hong Kong racedays). The commencement of the suspension was deferred until after the Sha Tin racemeeting on Monday 1 October 2007. In addition, D Whyte was fined $40,000 in lieu of a suspension for a period incorporating one further raceday. From the 800 Metres until the 500 Metres, STEP TO WIN over-raced badly and got its head up on a number of occasions when awkwardly placed inside the heels of CONGRATULATION. Near the 700 Metres, FAIR WIN was crowded for room inside THUNDER DANCING which was steadied and shifted in away from the heels of SUPER MUSIC (A Delpech) which shifted in when not properly clear. A Delpech was reprimanded and told to exercise greater care. Near the 500 Metres, STEP TO WIN was steadied and shifted to the outside of CONGRATULATION. On straightening, ENCHANTED, which was having difficulty obtaining clear running, was shifted to the inside of SUPER MUSIC which commenced to give ground. Also on straightening, FAIR WIN was bumped by FERRO BEAU which was carried out by RAINBOW OASIS. For a considerable distance after straightening, ELEGANT KING PRAWN had difficulty obtaining clear running. At the 100 Metres, FAIR WIN was steadied when initially crowded for room inside THUNDER DANCING (K Shea) which shifted in and then outside ENCHANTED which shifted out slightly. In the circumstances, K Shea was advised to exercise greater care. In the run to the line, FERRO BEAU was steadied when improving towards the heels of STEP TO WIN. Because of this, W M Lai, the rider of FERRO BEAU, did not ride his mount out to the end of the race as he normally would. Throughout the race, CONGRATULATION and SINGING DINERS travelled wide and without cover. Whilst the Stewards were satisfied the riding of K Shea over the concluding stages did not affect the horse's finishing position, he nonetheless was reminded of his obligations to ride his mounts out at least hands and heels right to the winning post where possible. FAIR WIN, SINGING DINERS and CONGRATULATION were sent for an official veterinary inspection. A veterinary inspection of FAIR WIN, SINGING DINERS and CONGRATULATION after the race did not show any significant findings. LUCKY HERO and ELEGANT KING PRAWN were sent for sampling.

+ - Trump Card
* - Priority to Run
() - Order of Trainer Preference
MA288 Rating - Included Handicap Adjustment
- Under Rated
- Gain benefit in rating
- Reach last winning rating
- Good in sectional
- Did win in wet track
- Placed in wet track
- Won in Soft or Heavy Track
- Placed in Soft or Heavy Track
- Improve after jockey change
- Work Hardly
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