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14/10/2007  Shatin  Race 9

14/10/2007  Class 3  Shatin  Turf  A+3  1400m   Going: GOOD TO FIRM  (2.69)   Rating: 080 - 060   Section Time: (13.60)  (22.20)  (24.80)  (22.40)

Rank No Color Horse Jockey Trainer Draw Actual
Rating LBW Finishing
Section Time Cability Idx Flags Overall Rating
1 7 SHANGDONG GENERAL K L Chui Y S Tsui 6 123 70 N 1:23:00 10 2-3-3-1
2 2 OPERATION SECRET M W Leung D Cruz 9 129 76 1/2 1:23:10 14 7-6-6-2
3 12 LOCAL POWER C W Wong C H Yip 5 118 65 N 1:23:10 14 4-4-4-3
4 5 ENCHANTED F Coetzee C W Chang 1 127 74 1-3/4 1:23:30 3.1 6-5-7-4
5 13 SINGING DINERS Z Purton C S Shum 10 118 65 2-1/4 1:23:40 5.5 5-7-5-5
6 10 FERRO BEAU Y T Cheng C Fownes 4 119 66 3 1:23:50 14 12-13-13-6
7 9 CLASSIC REUNION D Beadman J Moore 11 120 67 3-1/4 1:23:50 23 10-11-8-7
8 6 FLY ME TO THE MOON G Boss J Size 14 123 70 3-1/2 1:23:60 39 3-2-1-8
9 1 MUTUAL FRIENDSHIP S Dye A Lee 3 129 76 3-3/4 1:23:60 7.6 9-9-11-9
10 14 QUALITY-QUALITY W M Lai T W Leung 8 117 64 4-1/4 1:23:70 43 11-10-12-10
11 4 MAGIC SWEEP A Delpech D E Ferraris 2 128 75 4-1/4 1:23:70 48 8-8-9-11
12 11 ROYAL DOMAIN M Nunes A Schutz 12 119 66 5-1/4 1:23:90 65 14-12-14-12
13 8 SUPER SNIPPETS O Doleuze P O'Sullivan 13 123 70 6-3/4 1:24:10 9.9 13-14-10-13
14 3 BODACIOUS C K Tong D J Hall 7 128 75 7-1/4 1:24:20 18 1-1-2-14

Steward Report Predict Pace Map
Prior to being presented at the saddling stalls, BODACIOUS shifted its left hind plate. This plate was reset. The horse was examined by the Veterinary Surgeon who said in his opinion it was suitable to race. This replating caused BODACIOUS to be late being presented at the saddling stalls. In the early stages, from a wide barrier, ROYAL DOMAIN was steadied and shifted across behind runners. Near the 1300 Metres, MUTUAL FRIENDSHIP was checked when crowded for room between LOCAL POWER which got its head on the side and shifted in away from SHANGDONG GENERAL and MAGIC SWEEP which at this time was carried out by ENCHANTED. In the circumstances, no action was taken. After the 1100 Metres, ROYAL DOMAIN became unbalanced when bumped by SUPER SNIPPETS which shifted in. Approaching the 1000 Metres, MUTUAL FRIENDSHIP, which was proving difficult to settle, got its head up on a number of occasions when being steadied away from the heels of OPERATION SECRET. Making the turn at the 800 Metres, QUALITY-QUALITY got its head up when being steadied while awkwardly placed outside MUTUAL FRIENDSHIP and inside the heels of SINGING DINERS. Some inconvenience was caused to FERRO BEAU and SUPER SNIPPETS which were following. At the 600 Metres, MUTUAL FRIENDSHIP got its head up and was checked when awkwardly placed close to the heels of OPERATION SECRET which lost ground after getting its head up and being steadied away from the heels of LOCAL POWER. No action was taken. Some inconvenience was caused to ROYAL DOMAIN which was following. For a considerable distance approaching and passing the 600 Metres, ENCHANTED was steadied when awkwardly placed close to the heels of SHANGDONG GENERAL. MAGIC SWEEP, which was following, was steadied in consequence. In the early part of the Straight, ROYAL DOMAIN had difficulty obtaining clear running and after the 300 Metres when being shifted out in an attempt to find clear running bumped with FERRO BEAU. As a result, FERRO BEAU and ROYAL DOMAIN became unbalanced and ROYAL DOMAIN was then checked and shifted back in to obtain clear running. The declaration of weighed-in was deferred as the Stewards believed an incident occurred inside the final 200 Metres which cast doubt on whether LOCAL POWER should be declared the 2nd placegetter. A protest/objection was lodged by M W Leung, the rider of OPERATION SECRET, 3rd placegetter, against LOCAL POWER (Apprentice C W Wong) being declared 2nd placegetter alleging interference inside the final 200 Metres. The Stewards also considered whether there were sufficient grounds for a protest/objection hearing on behalf of the connections of the 5th placegetter, SINGING DINERS, against LOCAL POWER alleging interference inside the final 200 Metres. However, after reviewing the films, the Stewards considered it was not appropriate for a formal hearing to take place bearing in mind the margin between the 2nd placegetter and the 5th placegetter at the end of the race. The evidence disclosed that near the 100 Metres LOCAL POWER shifted out when not clear of OPERATION SECRET and SINGING DINERS, resulting in OPERATION SECRET and SINGING DINERS being hampered and carried significantly wider. Bearing in mind the neck margin between LOCAL POWER and OPERATION SECRET at the end of the race, the Stewards believed had the interference which did take place to OPERATION SECRET not occurred, that horse would have finished in front of LOCAL POWER and therefore sustained the protest/objection. Accordingly the placings were amended to 1st, No. 7 SHANGDONG GENERAL; 2nd, No. 2 OPERATION SECRET, 3rd, No. 12 LOCAL POWER; and 4th, No. 5 ENCHANTED. At a subsequent inquiry, Apprentice Wong was severely reprimanded and told whilst the Stewards accepted he stopped riding in an endeavour to straighten his mount, in similar circumstances he would be expected to do so sooner than he did on this occasion. After the 200 Metres, OPERATION SECRET was steadied when having difficulty obtaining clear running inside SINGING DINERS which shifted in slightly and outside LOCAL POWER which shifted out. Near the 150 Metres, SUPER SNIPPETS was checked when crowded for room between FERRO BEAU and QUALITY- QUALITY (W M Lai) which shifted out of its own accord after initially being carried wider by MUTUAL FRIENDSHIP (S Dye) which also shifted out after initially being carried wider by CLASSIC REUNION. In the circumstances, W M Lai was severely reprimanded and told in similar circumstances he would be expected to make a greater effort to protect his fellow riders and S Dye was told in similar circumstances he would be expected to exercise greater care. For the major part of the race, SINGING DINERS travelled wide and without cover. When questioned regarding the improved performance of SHANGDONG GENERAL, Mr Y S Tsui, trainer of the horse, explained when the horse raced first up this season on the All Weather surface from the outside barrier, it travelled wide and without cover throughout. He said because of this the horse was disappointing. He said today from a more favourable draw SHANGDONG GENERAL enjoyed a much better run. D Beadman (CLASSIC REUNION) said he had been instructed to ride the horse where it was comfortable and he believed this would be in a position slightly in front of midfield. He said CLASSIC REUNION began well as did a number of runners on his inside which went forward. He said near the 1200 Metres he believed there was an opportunity for him to go forward and obtain a position in front of SINGING DINERS which would have had him racing in his anticipated position. He therefore commenced to ride CLASSIC REUNION along, however, the horse did not respond to his riding and in his opinion for him to have persevered would have required him to make too much use of the horse, he therefore elected to steady CLASSIC REUNION in the hope of obtaining a position with cover. He said he was not able to obtain cover and after the 600 Metres commenced to improve his position, but as a result of the manner in which the race was run CLASSIC REUNION failed to close the race off as hoped. BODACIOUS and SUPER SNIPPETS were sent for an official veterinary inspection. A veterinary inspection of BODACIOUS and SUPER SNIPPETS after the race did not show any significant findings. ENCHANTED, SHANGDONG GENERAL and LOCAL POWER were sent for sampling.

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