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17/02/2008  Shatin  Race 4

17/02/2008  Class 5  Shatin  Turf  A+3  1400m   Going: GOOD  (2.67)   Rating: 045 - 020   Section Time: (13.90)  (21.70)  (23.10)  (24.30)

Rank No Color Horse Jockey Trainer Draw Actual
Rating MA288 Rating LBW Finishing
Section Time Flags
1 12 KING OF SPADES W M Lai T K Ng 9 127 38 -152 1.25 1:23:00 13 13-12-11-1

2 8 CHEERFUL HAPPINESS O Doleuze T W Leung 5 129 40 -18 1-1/4 1:23:20 6.9 11-10-9-2

3 10 AURELIAN H W Lai L Ho 12 127 38 -143 1-3/4 1:23:30 26 3-3-1-3

4 2 LIMONCELLO K T Yeung A T Millard 8 133 44 23 3 1:23:50 14 6-5-5-4

5 6 GOLD GEM D Beadman J Moore 11 130 41 21 4.25 1:23:70 16 12-13-13-5

6 14 SIMPLY THE BEST P H Lo D Cruz 4 117 28 -20 4-1/2 1:23:70 18 7-6-6-6

7 7 KA KA SMART S K Sit C W Chang 1 130 41 -10 4-3/4 1:23:70 4.5 1-2-3-7

8 4 CHINESE BOY BOY B Prebble P O'Sullivan 14 132 43 23 4.75 1:23:80 12 9-11-12-8

9 1 BATURO C W Wong Y S Tsui 10 133 44 25 5-1/4 1:23:80 16 2-1-2-9

10 3 SOU MA TAM C Soumillon C Fownes 7 133 44 34 5-1/2 1:23:90 7.3 5-7-10-10

11 13 M Nunes P F Yiu 2 126 37 29 6.25 1:24:00 45 10-9-8-11

12 9 ABLE STANDARD D Whyte K W Lui 6 127 38 -23 6-1/4 1:24:00 7.1 8-8-7-12

13 5 NOT QUITE PERFECT M Guyon A Lee 3 131 42 3 8 1:24:30 10 4-4-4-13

14 11 GOLD DIGGER E Wilson B K Ng 13 127 38 -69 10.50 1:24:60 90 14-14-14-14

Steward Report Predict Pace Map
Prior to the declaration of weighed-in, the Stewards gave consideration to an application by D Whyte (ABLE STANDARD) that his mount had had an unfair start and as such ought be declared a non-runner. The evidence disclosed that just prior to the start being effected, ABLE STANDARD became fractious and lunged forward, making contact with the front gates of its stall, causing these gates to open momentarily before the gates of other runners. As a consequence of this, ABLE STANDARD began awkwardly and lost ground. In the opinion of the Stewards, this was not an appropriate set of circumstances in which they should exercise the power granted to them to deem ABLE STANDARD to have had an unfair start and as such the horse was declared a runner. Therefore weighed-in was declared on the numbers as semaphored by the Judge. HELLO GIBRALTAR was slow to begin. On jumping, GOLD GEM was steadied away from the heels of BATURO which shifted out. From a wide barrier, GOLD DIGGER was taken across behind runners. Prior to the 400 Metres, SOU MA TAM was checked when crowded for room between ABLE STANDARD and LIMONCELLO (Apprentice K T Yeung) which shifted out when not properly clear. In the circumstances, Apprentice Yeung was severely reprimanded and told to exercise greater care. Over the concluding stages, CHEERFUL HAPPINESS hung in. S K Sit (KA KA SMART), 7th placegetter, pleaded guilty to a charge of having failed to ride his mount out to the satisfaction of the Stewards [Rule 100(2)]. For this breach, S K Sit was fined $20,000. Further S K Sit was reprimanded regarding the accuracy of evidence he tendered during this inquiry. H W Lai (AURELIAN) explained approaching the 600 Metres he was following BATURO in what had been a quickly run race. He said at this time AURELIAN was somewhat difficult to settle and improved close to the heels of BATURO. He said because of this he shifted to the outside of that horse into a three wide position. He said he allowed AURELIAN to stride forward rounding the Home Turn and on straightening placed his mount under pressure. H W Lai was told his riding after the 600 Metres had come under notice and he should ensure he does not set his mounts too difficult a task. When questioned, Apprentice C W Wong (BATURO) said he had been instructed that as the horse had proved difficult to settle at its most recent start, he should allow it to travel into a forward position and if the tempo was suitable even to lead. He said in accordance with those instructions he rode BATURO along in the early stages and shifted across to race outside KA KA SMART. He said because he had ridden BATURO along in the early stages, the horse again proved difficult to settle and as such after the 1000 Metres he was not able to come back and obtain a position behind KA KA SMART. He said making the turn at the 800 Metres KA KA SMART was ridden along to maintain a position to his inside and this caused BATURO to continue racing keenly which resulted in the tempo of the race being faster than he would have liked. Mr Y S Tsui, trainer of BATURO, confirmed the riding instructions issued to Apprentice Wong. After viewing the films, he said he was satisfied that BATURO had proved difficult to settle when racing outside KA KA SMART and as a consequence the tempo of the race was faster than he had anticipated. Apprentice Wong was told in similar circumstances he would be expected to make a greater effort than he did on this occasion to rate his mount to greater advantage. NOT QUITE PERFECT and ABLE STANDARD were sent for an official veterinary inspection. A veterinary inspection of NOT QUITE PERFECT and ABLE STANDARD after the race did not show any significant findings. KA KA SMART, KING OF SPADES and CHEERFUL HAPPINESS were sent for sampling. After the race, it was reported SOU MA TAM had sustained cut wounds to the right front cannon and fetlock.

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