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超弦科技有限公司(簡稱 本公司)承諾會引用及遵守個人資料(私隱)條例(簡稱「條例」)的原則及規定,保障客戶個人資料的私隱。

  1. 本公司會以合法及公正的方式收集、保存及使用各項個人資料,這些資料僅供本公司進行業務運作及其他有關活動之用。
  2. 本公司使用客戶個人資料,僅供作指定用途,以及經客戶同意的其他用途。
  3. 本公司將設法保存最新及正確的客戶個人資料。
  4. 本公司會將個人資料保密儲存,並會訓練員工認識個人資料私隱問題,本公司僱員會尊重客戶的私隱,絕不會向未獲授權人士透露任何資料。
  5. 本公司容許提供個人資料的人士,查閱及更改本公司所保存有關其本身的個人資料。

Privacy Protection Policy

Superstring Technology Ltd. (the Company) is committed to apply and follow the principles and requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (the Ordinance) to safeguard the privacy of customers with respect to personal data.

  1. The Company will only collect, hold and use personal data required for its operations and other related activities, and in a lawful and fair manner.
  2. The Company will only use personal data for the stated purposes, and for other purposes as agreed by the data subjects.
  3. The Company will use its best endeavours to maintain personal data updated and accurate.
  4. Personal data held by the Company will be stored securely and the Company will train its employees with regard to personal data privacy issues. The Company employees will respect the privacy of customers and will not make disclosure to unauthorised parties.
  5. The Company will provide all data subjects with access to, and the right to correct, their personal data held by the Company.