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www.ma288.com (簡稱 ma288) 是超弦科技有限公司轄下資訊科技研究中心開發的賽馬分析網站,以及對廣大用戶提供相關的數據或資訊等相關服務。


超弦科技有限公司在成立之初就定位於賽馬的相關研究與軟件開發, 希望通過我們的努力,在總結前人的理念和方法後,研究出更具實戰性和易用性的功能構思,推出功能強大、完備及易用的網站。


www.ma288.com (abbreviated as ma288) is a horse racing analysis website developed by the Information Technology Research Center under the SuperString Technology Ltd., as well as providing related data or information services to a wide range of users.

The ma288 is mainly for Hong Kong horse racing. It contains all the features of the current horse racing analysis and statistics, and it also includes many unique elements such as real-time, multi-angle odds, large value betting and many other elements. It is mainly reflected in the trend of each pool, so as to obtain the ideal optimal betting plan to achieve the purpose of improving the winning rate.

SuperString Technology Ltd. was established at the beginning of the establishment of the relevant research and software development of horse racing. We hope that through our efforts, after summing up the ideas and methods of the predecessors, we will develop more practical and easy-to-use functional concepts. Launch a powerful, complete and easy-to-use website.

Our aim is to do our best to provide users with the best quality service. Our spirit is continuous research and innovation, and it has become the most popular site for punters.