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18/10/2020  Group Two  Shatin  Turf  B+2  1200m   Going: GOOD TO FIRM  (2.7)   Rating: 126 - 110   Section Time: (23.51)  (21.67)  (22.71)

Rank No Color Horse Jockey Trainer Draw Actual
Rating MA288 Rating LBW Finishing
Section Time Flags
1 3 WISHFUL THINKER K C Leung C H Yip 1 120 113 67 SH 1:07:89 45 6-6-1 24.15  21.55  22.19 

2 6 COMPUTER PATCH K Teetan A S Cruz 7 117 110 87 SH 1:07:91 2.4 1-1-2 23.51  21.67  22.73 

3 5 RATTAN A Hamelin R Gibson 3 119 112 74 2-1/4 1:08:26 31 7-7-3 24.31  21.63  22.32 

4 1 HOT KING PRAWN J Moreira J Size 6 133 126 139 2-1/2 1:08:28 5.3 5-5-4 23.95  21.51  22.82 

5 4 BIG PARTY Z Purton F C Lor 5 120 112 86 2-3/4 1:08:35 9.8 3-2-5 23.67  21.67  23.01 

6 2 VOYAGE WARRIOR C Y Ho P F Yiu 2 127 120 92 3-3/4 1:08:51 11 4-4-6 23.87  21.51  23.13 

7 7 PERFECT MATCH A Badel C S Shum 4 117 110 120 4-1/4 1:08:56 2.7 2-3-7 23.67  21.67  23.22 

Steward Report Predict Pace Map
RATTAN was checked and lost ground on jumping when crowded for room between PERFECT MATCH and VOYAGE WARRIOR which shifted out. In the early stages, despite being ridden along, HOT KING PRAWN failed to muster speed and approaching the 1100 Metres was shifted across behind PERFECT MATCH to obtain cover. After being crossed by COMPUTER PATCH passing the 900 Metres, BIG PARTY was awkwardly placed behind that horse. BIG PARTY had difficulty obtaining clear running in the early part of the Straight. Approaching the 300 Metres, HOT KING PRAWN raced tight outside VOYAGE WARRIOR which got its head on the side and lay out. Passing the 100 Metres, COMPUTER PATCH (K Teetan) got its head on the side and shifted out under pressure, requiring its rider to correct his mount. As he corrected COMPUTER PATCH, K Teetan dropped his right rein which he was able to regather close to the finishing line. When questioned regarding the performance of PERFECT MATCH, A Badel stated that after being able to obtain a good position in the early stages, PERFECT MATCH travelled satisfactorily until the 500 Metres. He said at this stage he had to commence riding PERFECT MATCH along as the horse was reluctant to maintain its position to the outside of COMPUTER PATCH. He said, despite being vigorously ridden rounding the Home Turn and in the early part of the Straight, PERFECT MATCH did not respond to his riding and then over the concluding stages was disappointing in the manner in which it failed to finish off the race. He added that in its barrier trial in the lead up to today’s race, the horse had performed only fairly but well enough to suggest that it would be competitive in today’s race. A veterinary inspection of PERFECT MATCH immediately following the race including an endoscopic examination showed a substantial amount of blood in the horse's trachea. Before being allowed to race again, PERFECT MATCH will be subjected to an official veterinary examination. When questioned regarding the improved performance of WISHFUL THINKER today compared to its most recent start, Trainer C H Yip state that at its last start over 1000 Metres he asked the rider to have the horse as close as possible so that WISHFUL THINKER did not have too much to do over the latter stages. He said after being crowded for room on jumping in that race, WISHFUL THINKER was then ridden along to make up lost ground and because of this, in his opinion, the horse was then not able to finish off the race over the latter stages. He said as WISHFUL THINKER had carried blinkers for a considerable time, he elected to remove the blinkers from the horse for today’s race in the hope that this would have a positive effect on its performance. He added Jockey K C Leung rode the horse in a turf gallop last Thursday and Jockey Leung reported that WISHFUL THINKER had galloped very well and, based on this piece of work and Jockey Leung’s feedback, he anticipated that WISHFUL THINKER would improve in today’s race. WISHFUL THINKER and COMPUTER PATCH were sent for sampling.

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