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19/12/2012  Class 3  Happy Valley  Turf  C  2200m   Going: GOOD  (2.7)   Rating: 080 - 060   Section Time: (14.20)  (23.53)  (24.83)  (25.70)  (24.53)  (24.30)

Rank No Color Horse Jockey Trainer Draw Actual
Rating LBW Finishing
Section Time Cability Idx Flags Overall Rating Verdict
1 6 TRAVEL BRAND Z Purton C H Yip 2 123 70 1/2 2:17:09 2.7 8-7-6-1 15.00  23.69  24.75  25.58  24.37  23.70 
2 10 VICTORY MASCOT M Chadwick C Fownes 9 111 60 1/2 2:17:18 11 10-9-2-2 15.28  23.69  24.75  25.34  23.81  24.31 
3 5 INDIGO WAY H W Lai K L Man 5 122 71 2-3/4 2:17:55 10 4-4-7-3 14.76  23.69  24.75  25.54  24.69  24.12 
4 1 ENDOWING D Whyte J Size 4 133 80 3-1/2 2:17:65 2.6 3-5-8-4 14.48  24.01  24.75  25.66  24.61  24.14 
5 4 REGENCY WINNER M Guyon A S Cruz 7 126 73 4-3/4 2:17:85 7 7-6-3-5 14.92  23.73  24.75  25.46  24.37  24.62 
6 9 HEALTHY BLUEBERRY T H So L Ho 1 112 62 4-3/4 2:17:86 32 5-8-10-6 14.80  24.01  24.71  25.62  24.61  24.11 
7 7 PRIDE AND HONOUR T Angland C S Shum 8 120 67 6-3/4 2:18:19 33 6-1-1-7 14.92  22.81  24.83  25.70  24.53  25.40 
8 3 HAPPY CHA CHA C K Tong Y S Tsui 3 124 73 7-1/2 2:18:31 34 9-10-9-8 15.04  24.05  24.75  25.46  24.41  24.60 
9 2 FORTUNE WINNER N Callan P F Yiu 6 126 73 19-1/4 2:20:16 31 1-3-5-9 14.20  23.89  24.79  25.74  24.69  26.85 
10 8 PRECISION ERA A Suborics C W Chang 10 120 65 21 2:20:44 94 2-2-4-10 14.44  23.61  24.75  25.66  24.77  27.21 

Steward Report Predict Pace Map
From a wide barrier, VICTORY MASCOT was taken across behind runners shortly after the start. Near the 1900 Metres, HAPPY CHA CHA became unbalanced when momentarily crowded for room inside TRAVEL BRAND which was taken in by REGENCY WINNER which got its head on the side and shifted in away from PRIDE AND HONOUR which was improving to its outside. Making the turn near the 1800 Metres, HEALTHY BLUEBERRY became badly unbalanced when awkwardly placed close to the heels of ENDOWING. HAPPY CHA CHA, which was following, was hampered in consequence. Making the turn after the 600 Metres, ENDOWING was steadied when awkwardly placed close to the heels of FORTUNE WINNER. Near the 500 Metres, INDIGO WAY was checked and blundered after attempting to shift to the outside of PRECISION ERA which was commencing to give ground and inside REGENCY WINNER which maintained its position. ENDOWING, which was following, was steadied away from the heels of INDIGO WAY in consequence. Rounding the Home Turn, ENDOWING was severely checked to avoid the heels of PRECISION ERA which was giving ground abruptly. In this incident, FORTUNE WINNER, which was racing to the inside of PRECISION ERA, was hampered as PRECISION ERA got its head on the side and shifted in. For the majority of the race, REGENCY WINNER travelled wide and without cover. The performance of PRECISION ERA, which finished tailed out, was considered unacceptable. Before being allowed to race again, PRECISION ERA will be required to perform to the satisfaction of the Stewards in an official barrier trial and be subjected to an official veterinary examination. When questioned regarding his riding out of ENDOWING over the final 250 Metres, D Whyte stated that after being severely checked rounding the Home Turn, he attempted to obtain clear running between PRECISION ERA and HAPPY CHA CHA shortly after entering the Straight. He said when he did this, ENDOWING was crowded for room between those horses when PRECISION ERA shifted out when giving ground. He said when this happened, ENDOWING bumped HAPPY CHA CHA which resulted in the horse becoming further unbalanced after the incident rounding the Home Turn. He said having in mind that ENDOWING hung in badly at its most recent start and proved difficult to ride, he was reluctant to place it under immediate pressure as the horse was badly unbalanced given the incidents which had taken place rounding the Home Turn and in the early part of the Straight. He said as ENDOWING took some time to become completely balanced, he did not ride his mount along vigorously until after the 200 Metres at which point he changed the whip into the right hand as ENDOWING was commencing to show signs of again wanting to lay in. He added that passing the 150 Metres he used the whip in the right hand on ENDOWING and continued to do so in the run to the finishing line with the horse finishing off the race fairly. D Whyte was advised that notwithstanding the fact that ENDOWING was severely checked rounding the Home Turn and then was unbalanced in the early part of the Straight when crowded for room, his riding of the horse after this was of concern to the Stewards. He was further advised that having regard to all of the circumstances of this matter, the Stewards could not be comfortably satisfied to the requisite degree that his riding of ENDOWING over the final 250 Metres was such that he should be charged for breaching the Rules, however, he was severely reprimanded and told that irrespective of incidents which occur in races, he must ride his mounts out to the end of the race with sufficient purpose and vigour where circumstances permit. After the race, the Veterinary Officer reported that PRECISION ERA had sustained a cut to the outside of the left hind cannon. ENDOWING, TRAVEL BRAND and VICTORY MASCOT were sent for sampling.

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