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22/04/2020  Happy Valley  Race 3

22/04/2020  Class 3  Happy Valley  Turf  C+3  2200m   Going: GOOD  (2.71)   Rating: 085 - 060   Section Time: (14.40)  (23.49)  (24.15)  (24.35)  (23.90)  (25.11)

Rank No Color Horse Jockey Trainer Draw Actual
Rating MA288 Rating LBW Finishing
Section Time Flags
1 5 HAPPY SEBRING C Y Ho A S Cruz 8 122 70 35 1 2:15:40 10 9-10-5-1 15.12  23.77  24.43  23.83  23.70  24.55 

2 7 VINCY Z Purton D J Whyte 9 122 70 45 1 2:15:57 11 8-9-7-2 15.08  23.65  24.51  23.75  24.10  24.48 

3 6 LONDON HALL M Chadwick D J Hall 1 122 70 56 1-1/4 2:15:60 4.6 4-4-2-3 14.68  23.53  24.23  24.31  23.82  25.03 

4 8 ABOVE C Schofield J Moore 4 120 68 65 3-1/2 2:15:95 2.2 3-5-1-4 14.52  23.77  24.39  23.71  23.90  25.66 

5 4 STIMULATION K Teetan A S Cruz 10 124 72 51 5-1/4 2:16:23 5.7 6-7-4-5 14.84  23.69  24.43  23.75  23.98  25.54 

6 9 BEAUTY HAPPY C Wong J Moore 2 114 67 50 6-1/4 2:16:39 44 1-1-3-6 14.40  23.49  24.15  24.39  24.18  25.78 

7 10 MAGNETISM K C Leung D E Ferraris 7 117 65 -33 13-1/2 2:17:55 29 5-3-8-7 14.68  23.49  23.99  24.47  24.62  26.30 

8 2 BRAVE LEGEND N Callan A S Cruz 5 125 73 -1 14 2:17:63 18 7-8-6-8 14.88  23.73  24.43  23.91  24.02  26.66 

9 3 CLEMENT LEGEND B Shinn C S Shum 6 125 73 58 14-3/4 2:17:76 23 2-2-9-9 14.48  23.57  24.39  24.31  24.58  26.43 

10 1 GENEROUS CHARITY A Hamelin C S Shum 3 133 81 37 32 2:20:54 30 10-6-10-10 15.28  23.13  24.07  24.03  25.70  28.33 

Steward Report Predict Pace Map
GENEROUS CHARITY was slow to begin. VINCY was crowded for room on jumping between STIMULATION and HAPPY SEBRING which began awkwardly and shifted out. After this, HAPPY SEBRING and VINCY were shifted across behind runners. ABOVE shifted out at the start and bumped BRAVE LEGEND. Near the 2000 Metres, BRAVE LEGEND was checked when crowded for room inside STIMULATION (K Teetan) which shifted abruptly to the inside of MAGNETISM, placing initial pressure on BRAVE LEGEND with STIMULATION being taken in by MAGNETISM (K C Leung) which shifted in behind CLEMENT LEGEND. K Teetan was advised that whilst there was some influence over the latter stages of the incident from MAGNETISM shifting in, nonetheless he was reprimanded and advised to ensure that he does not place undue pressure to runners on his inside when shifting ground. K C Leung was advised to ensure that he is aware of other horses improving their positions prior to shifting ground. Near the 1350 Metres, LONDON HALL was momentarily crowded for room inside CLEMENT LEGEND which shifted in when being steadied to allow MAGNETISM to cross. After the 1300 Metres, GENEROUS CHARITY was left racing wide and without cover. Near the 800 Metres, VINCY was taken wider and without cover by BRAVE LEGEND which shifted out away from the heels of CLEMENT LEGEND. VINCY was then steadied approaching the 700 Metres to obtain cover and was shifted in a number of horses towards the inside rail to prevent covering unnecessary ground. After the 700 Metres, GENEROUS CHARITY, despite being ridden along, commenced to give ground abruptly and near the 550 Metres was awkwardly placed between MAGNETISM and CLEMENT LEGEND. After this, GENEROUS CHARITY continued to give ground and finished tailed out. A veterinary inspection of GENEROUS CHARITY immediately following the race did not show any significant findings. The performance of GENEROUS CHARITY was considered unacceptable. Before being allowed to race again, GENEROUS CHARITY will be required to perform to the satisfaction of the Stewards in a barrier trial and be subjected to an official veterinary examination. Passing the 50 Metres, VINCY raced tight inside LONDON HALL. When questioned, C Schofield stated that he was instructed to make a mid-race move on ABOVE as, in the opinion of the connections, ABOVE is a genuine stayer and it was felt that it would be in the horse’s best interests to make the race a genuine staying test. He said passing the 1200 Metres he was racing in about a midfield position and shifted into a three wide position to follow GENEROUS CHARITY. He said he continued to follow that horse after the 1100 Metres, however, he was concerned that GENEROUS CHARITY did not appear to be travelling strongly and as he did not want runners to be able to improve their position around ABOVE and for ABOVE to be then caught behind GENEROUS CHARITY, a horse which did not consider to be a winning chance in the race, he elected to shift to the outside of that horse and commence to improve his position around GENEROUS CHARITY from the 1000 Metres. He said although he was aware that the race was being run at a fair tempo, he believed that remaining racing behind GENEROUS CHARITY would be contrary to his instructions and therefore he was comfortable to allow the horse to improve its position. He added he had expected to be able to clear GENEROUS CHARITY relatively quickly, however, that horse continued to hold its position inside ABOVE until after the 800 Metres at which stage he was able to shift in to race outside the lead. Mr J Moore, the trainer of ABOVE, confirmed that he had a number of discussions with Jockey Schofield on how ABOVE should be ridden. He said it was not anticipated that tonight’s race would be run at a quick tempo and therefore it was felt that it would be in the best interests of ABOVE if it were able to make its run earlier than might otherwise be the case so that it did not get left flat-footed or caught behind other runners which were not able to take ABOVE into the race. He said however he did not expect that this would result in ABOVE improving its position as far out as from the 1000 Metres. He said whilst in hindsight he believed it would have been better if ABOVE had maintained its position behind GENEROUS CHARITY for longer, nonetheless he accepted Jockey Schofield’s decision to shift out at this stage of the race. C Schofield was advised that whilst the Stewards accepted that him following GENEROUS CHARITY, a horse which was not likely to take him into the race, played a significant role in him electing to shift out at the 1000 Metres and improving his position, nonetheless they were of the opinion that he could have remained racing behind GENEROUS CHARITY until a later stage of the race, particularly given the fast tempo of the race at the relevant time. He was told that he must ride his mounts in such a manner that they are not set too great a task to ensure that they are able to finish off the race as best as they can. ABOVE, HAPPY SEBRING and VINCY were sent for sampling.

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