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22/09/2021  Happy Valley  Race 3

22/09/2021  Class 5  Happy Valley  Turf  C+3  1650m   Going: GOOD TO FIRM  (2.7)   Rating: 039 - 020   Section Time: (27.59)  (23.55)  (23.69)  (24.08)

Rank No Color Horse Jockey Trainer Draw Actual
Rating MA288 Rating LBW Finishing
Section Time Flags
1 1 ALL JOYFUL M Chadwick T P Yung 10 133 39 24 1-1/4 1:38:91 19 11-11-10-1 28.43  23.63  23.65  23.20 

2 4 PRESIDENT STAR J Moreira C S Shum 1 129 35 2 1-1/4 1:39:11 7.8 3-3-3-2 27.79  23.63  23.65  24.04 

3 8 SUPER KIN B Shinn C Fownes 12 122 28 7 1-1/2 1:39:16 17 12-12-12-3 28.71  23.55  23.45  23.45 

4 3 KA FORTUNE Z Purton P O'Sullivan 2 131 37 2 1-3/4 1:39:20 4 6-6-6-4 28.07  23.59  23.65  23.89 

5 10 CENTENARY IBIS K Teetan A T Millard 11 119 25 21 2-3/4 1:39:34 13 4-4-4-5 27.87  23.55  23.77  24.15 

6 2 OFF THE REEL C Y Ho P F Yiu 5 133 39 22 3-1/2 1:39:46 6.7 5-5-5-6 27.99  23.63  23.69  24.15 

7 9 WONDERFUL TIGER A Hamelin W Y So 7 121 27 -56 4-1/2 1:39:64 13 2-2-2-7 27.71  23.55  23.77  24.61 

8 7 ANONYMA L Ferraris D E Ferraris 6 124 30 -8 5 1:39:72 11 1-1-1-8 27.59  23.55  23.69  24.89 

9 12 SHANGHAI GRACE H Bentley Y S Tsui 9 118 24 -19 5 1:39:72 33 7-7-7-9 28.11  23.63  23.65  24.33 

10 6 VICTORIOUS LEADER K C Leung C H Yip 3 125 31 -24 6 1:39:86 9.9 8-8-9-10 28.19  23.67  23.73  24.27 

11 11 BIG BANG BONG M F Poon C W Chang 4 116 24 -119 7 1:40:01 10 9-9-8-11 28.27  23.67  23.61  24.46 

12 5 RUN RUN GOOD A Badel K L Man 8 127 33 10 10-3/4 1:40:65 8.3 10-10-11-12 28.35  23.59  23.77  24.94 

Steward Report Predict Pace Map
On jumping, the left side ear plug carried by OFF THE REEL was dislodged as that horse was being assisted by the starting gate handler in the barriers. PRESIDENT STAR shifted out at the start and inconvenienced KA FORTUNE. BIG BANG BONG was hampered when steadied away from the heels of VICTORIOUS LEADER on jumping when that horse shifted out. RUN RUN GOOD shifted out at the start and bumped SHANGHAI GRACE. After this, despite being ridden along, SHANGHAI GRACE failed to muster speed. From wide barriers, ALL JOYFUL and SUPER KIN were shifted across behind runners in the early stages to obtain cover. WONDERFUL TIGER got its head on the side and hung in rounding the Home Turn. Passing the 300 Metres, OFF THE REEL was shifted in away from the heels of WONDERFUL TIGER (A Hamelin) into tight running between that horse and KA FORTUNE. A Hamelin was advised to ensure that even in difficult circumstances he must make every endeavour to prevent his mounts from shifting ground and causing interference to other runners. After this, OFF THE REEL had some difficulty obtaining clear running. Passing the 100 Metres, SUPER KIN (B Shinn) was directed to the outside of PRESIDENT STAR to improve into tight running between that horse and ANONYMA. As SUPER KIN was improving into the run, ANONYMA raced tight inside KA FORTUNE which, after getting its head on the side and shifting out, was then directed in by its rider and PRESIDENT STAR shifted out marginally under pressure. As SUPER KIN was improving into the run which became tighter as a result of PRESIDENT STAR shifting out and ANONYMA racing tight inside KA FORTUNE, SUPER KIN bumped ANONYMA and became unbalanced, causing SUPER KIN to shift out further and resulting in ANONYMA being checked when crowded for room between SUPER KIN and KA FORTUNE. BIG BANG BONG, which was following ANONYMA, was checked away from the heels of that horse in consequence. The Stewards formed the opinion that at the time that B Shinn directed SUPER KIN out from behind PRESIDENT STAR and committed to improve between that horse and ANONYMA, there was sufficient room for him to be able to do so albeit the running was tight. The Stewards found that as a result of the marginal shift outwards from PRESIDENT STAR and ANONYMA then racing tight inside KA FORTUNE, this resulted in the run between PRESIDENT STAR and ANONYMA tightening. As there were a number of factors associated with this incident, B Shinn was advised that he was given the benefit of the doubt in respect of improving into tight running between PRESIDENT TAR and ANONYMA. He was told that when improving into tight runs, he exercises due care to ensure that other horses are not adversely affected as a result of his movement. Throughout the race, CENTENARY IBIS travelled wide and without cover. After the race, A Badel was not able to offer any explanation for the disappointing performance of RUN RUN GOOD. He said the horse may not have appreciated the "Good to Firm” track condition racing first up tonight as RUN RUN GOOD seemed to be reluctant to fully stretch out in the race. A veterinary inspection of RUN RUN GOOD immediately following the race did not show any significant findings. When questioned regarding the disappointing performance of VICTORIOUS LEADER, K C Leung stated that his mount did not travel comfortably at any stage of the race. He said VICTORIOUS LEADER was always off the bridle and was never able to settle into a rhythm. He said the only explanation he could offer for the horse’s disappointing performance was that it may be better suited to racing at Sha Tin, a track it was successful at its last start. He said for this reason he recommended to connections that they consider returning VICTORIOUS LEADER to Sha Tin for its future starts. A veterinary inspection of VICTORIOUS LEADER immediately following the race did not show any significant findings. The performance of VICTORIOUS LEADER, a last start winner, was considered unacceptable. Before being allowed to race again, VICTORIOUS LEADER will be required to perform to the satisfaction of the Stewards in a barrier trial and be subjected to an official veterinary examination. A veterinary inspection of ANONYMA immediately following the race did not show any significant findings. KA FORTUNE, ALL JOYFUL and PRESIDENT STAR were sent for sampling.

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