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06/01/2008  Class 4  Shatin  Turf  C+3  1400m   Going: GOOD TO FIRM  (2.62)   Rating: 065 - 040   Section Time: (13.40)  (21.90)  (23.80)  (23.60)

Rank No Color Horse Jockey Trainer Draw Actual
Rating LBW Finishing
Section Time Cability Idx Flags Overall Rating Verdict
1 2 SUPER CHARGE M Guyon A Lee 13 128 63 N 1:22:70 21
2 5 PACHINKO D Whyte D E Ferraris 8 126 61 N 1:22:70 4.8
3 7 SUPER GOAL MASTER C Soumillon C Fownes 3 126 61 3/4 1:22:80 5.5
4 11 FIRST KNIGHT M W Leung S Woods 1 118 53 1-1/4 1:22:90 44
5 3 LASER TIGER K L Chui D J Hall 5 127 62 1-1/2 1:22:90 6.4
6 1 HAPPY CRUSADER E Saint-Martin Y S Tsui 2 129 64 1-1/2 1:22:90 72
7 6 SAVUTE H W Lai L Ho 11 126 61 2-1/4 1:23:00 7.8
8 4 BAJAN BELL F Coetzee J Size 6 126 61 3-1/4 1:23:20 12
9 10 TREASURE COLT Y T Cheng C H Yip 14 123 58 3-1/4 1:23:20 22
10 8 BEJEWELED O Doleuze P O'Sullivan 4 125 60 3-3/4 1:23:30 4.1
11 12 GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY B Prebble K L Man 9 117 52 3-3/4 1:23:30 45
12 13 JUGGERNAUT M Nunes S Woods 7 115 50 5-1/4 1:23:50 99
13 9 ROYAL DOMAIN K T Yeung A Schutz 12 125 60 6-1/4 1:23:60 21
14 14 W M Lai C S Shum 10 113 48 12.25 1:24:60 82

Steward Report Predict Pace Map
In the early stages, JUGGERNAUT and TREASURE COLT proved difficult to settle. Near the 1000 Metres, BEJEWELED became unbalanced when being steadied away from the heels of PACHINKO. Making the turn at the 800 Metres, FIRST KNIGHT was checked when crowded for room inside SUPER GOAL MASTER which despite the efforts of its rider got its head on the side and shifted in away from JUGGERNAUT. BAJAN BELL, which was following, was hampered in consequence. No action was taken. After the 800 Metres, ROYAL DOMAIN was left racing wide and without cover. Near the 600 Metres, ROYAL DOMAIN was bumped and carried wider by BEJEWELED which shifted out after being bumped by PACHINKO which at this time shifted out when being steadied away from the heels of LASER TIGER which was steadied away from the heels of HEART TO HEART which commenced to give ground. At the 600 Metres, PACHINKO was steadied when crowded for room outside LASER TIGER (Apprentice K L Chui) which improved into doubtful running between HEART TO HEART and SUPER CHARGE (G Mossé) which shifted in slightly. In the circumstances, G Mossé was advised to exercise greater care and Apprentice Chui was told to ensure where possible he did not position his mounts where there was insufficient running room. In the early part of the Straight, HAPPY CRUSADER had difficulty obtaining clear running. For the majority of the Home Straight, LASER TIGER did not obtain clear running and because of this was not properly tested. Over the concluding stages, LASER TIGER was awkwardly placed inside the heels of SUPER CHARGE and because of this was not ridden out to the end of the race as it normally would be. Close to the line, TREASURE COLT was steadied when crowded for room inside SAVUTE which itself shifted in when being steadied after being bumped by LASER TIGER which was endeavouring to obtain clear running on the inside of SUPER CHARGE. No action was taken. In the Straight, JUGGERNAUT hung out and proved difficult to ride. O Doleuze (BEJEWELED) explained after his mount was bumped near the 700 Metres, it became unbalanced. He said following this BEJEWELED failed to finish the race off and in his opinion was disappointing. BEJEWELED was sent for an official veterinary inspection and sampling. A veterinary inspection of BEJEWELED after the race did not show any significant findings. On return to scale following the race, G Mossé, the rider of SUPER CHARGE, first placegetter, weighed in at 127 pounds. G Mossé had a declared weight of 128 pounds when he weighed out to ride SUPER CHARGE. Acting under Rule 113(3), G Mossé was allowed one pound by the Clerk of the Scales and weighed-in was declared. Subsequently G Mossé explained after weighing out he had supplied a sample of his urine as required by the Stewards for the purpose of analysis for the presence of prohibited substances. He added all the gear he had weighed out to ride SUPER CHARGE with was included in the weight carried by the horse. G Mossé was reminded of the importance to ensure horses ridden by him carry not less than their declared weight. SUPER CHARGE and PACHINKO were sent for sampling.

+ - Trump Card
* - Priority to Run
() - Order of Trainer Preference
MA288 Rating - Included Handicap Adjustment
- Under Rated
- Gain benefit in rating
- Reach last winning rating
- Good in sectional
- Did win in wet track
- Placed in wet track
- Won in Soft or Heavy Track
- Placed in Soft or Heavy Track
- Improve after jockey change
- Work Hardly
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