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26/09/2007  Class 4  Shatin  Turf  C  1000m   Going: GOOD TO FIRM  (2.69)   Rating: 060 - 040   Section Time: (13.60)  (21.00)  (23.30)

Rank No Color Horse Jockey Trainer Draw Actual
Rating LBW Finishing
Section Time Cability Idx Flags Overall Rating Verdict
1 4 BITE MY DUST A Delpech P F Yiu 2 125 52 1/2 0:57:90 13
2 6 CLEMENT ELITE M Guyon A Lee 13 125 52 1/2 0:57:90 11
3 12 H W Lai C S Shum 6 121 48 1.25 0:58:00 99
4 8 MINGS' HERO W M Lai C H Yip 9 125 52 2-1/4 0:58:20 9.6
5 1 O Doleuze S Woods 14 129 56 2.75 0:58:30 1.4
6 11 POWER DRAGON P H Lo Y S Tsui 7 122 49 2.75 0:58:30 20
7 9 MAGIC KING D Whyte A Schutz 5 124 51 3-1/4 0:58:30 23
8 13 VITALITY CHAMP K Shea T K Ng 8 116 43 4 0:58:50 93
9 5 CALL ME CULLEN Y T Cheng Y O Wong 4 125 52 4-1/4 0:58:50 33
10 10 MOUNT SURPLUS Z Purton K W Lui 12 124 51 4-1/4 0:58:50 99
11 14 CRUSH ON YOU M W Leung D J Hall 3 115 42 4-1/2 0:58:50 47
12 2 MEGA BULLET M Nunes C Fownes 11 127 54 5 0:58:60 99
13 3 TOP STITCH K T Yeung A T Millard 1 127 54 5-3/4 0:58:70 13
14 7 EXCELLENT PLASTIC C W Wong C H Yip 10 125 52 7.75 0:59:10 65

Steward Report Predict Pace Map
CALL ME CULLEN bounded in the air at the start and lost ground. CRUSH ON YOU began awkwardly and got its head up. Shortly after the start, EXCELLENT PLASTIC was steadied when crowded for room between MEGA BULLET and MINGS' HERO which shifted out. Near the 400 Metres, CLEMENT ELITE was checked when disappointed for running between MINGS' HERO (W M Lai) which after initially being carried in by CLEAR WIN shifted further whilst being ridden along and HEART TO HEART which was carried out by BITE MY DUST which shifted ground when barely clear. In the circumstances, W M Lai was reprimanded and told to exercise greater care. After the 200 Metres, CLEMENT ELITE, which was closing the race off strongly, was steadied and shifted to the inside of POWER DRAGON to continue going forward. At the 150 Metres, MINGS' HERO was steadied and shifted to the inside of BITE MY DUST to obtain clear running. At the 100 Metres, MAGIC KING was steadied away from the heels of HEART TO HEART which shifted in. Some inconvenience was caused to CALL ME CULLEN which was also steadied. When questioned regarding the performance of CLEAR WIN, O Doleuze said in the early part of the race the horse made a significant noise and then appeared to him to hold its breath. He said when being eased down following the race, CLEAR WIN became unbalanced and felt as though it might fall. He said this in his opinion was as a result of the horse having held its breath. He said CLEAR WIN then made significant breathing noises when returning to scale. Before being allowed to race again, CLEAR WIN will be subjected to an official veterinary examination. Apprentice K T Yeung (TOP STITCH) said from barrier 1 with the rail in the C position, he was instructed to ride his mount on the inside rail. He said it was believed the horse which shows natural speed would be able to conserve the energy by being ridden in this manner. He did say today TOP STITCH began only fairly, then travelled reasonably until being placed under pressure at the 400 Metres. He said TOP STITCH responded only fairly to his riding from this point on and gave ground over the concluding stages. Mr A T Millard, trainer of TOP STITCH, confirmed the riding instructions issued. He said with the rail in the C position he felt it best to try and conserve the energy of TOP STITCH as it is well known the horse struggles to run out the strong 1000 Metres. He said he felt for the horse to work and cross with runners on its outside would have meant that the horse was suspect at the distance. TOP STITCH was sent for an official veterinary inspection. After the race, TOP STITCH was examined by the Veterinary Officer. He said an endoscopic examination showed a substantial amount of mucopus in the horse's trachea. CLEAR WIN, BITE MY DUST and CLEMENT ELITE were sent for sampling. After the race, CLEAR WIN was examined by the Veterinary Officer. He said the horse was noted to be making a respiratory noise and an endoscopic examination showed CLEAR WIN to have left sided laryngeal paralysis.

+ - Trump Card
* - Priority to Run
() - Order of Trainer Preference
MA288 Rating - Included Handicap Adjustment
- Under Rated
- Gain benefit in rating
- Reach last winning rating
- Good in sectional
- Did win in wet track
- Placed in wet track
- Won in Soft or Heavy Track
- Placed in Soft or Heavy Track
- Improve after jockey change
- Work Hardly
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