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05/02/2014  Happy Valley  Race 6

05/02/2014  Class 4  Happy Valley  Turf  A  1200m   Going: GOOD  (2.69)   Rating: 060 - 040   Section Time: (23.53)  (22.36)  (24.16)

Rank No Color Horse Jockey Trainer Draw Actual
Rating MA288 Rating LBW Finishing
Section Time Flags
1 12 RED COURAGE M Demuro J Size 2 117 44 1-3/4 1:10:05 2.5 2-2-1 23.97  22.48  23.60 

2 11 NIGHTLIGN T H So A Lee 5 115 44 1-3/4 1:10:35 32 3-4-2 24.21  22.56  23.58 

3 9 CHAMPION RANGER W M Lai C H Yip 3 120 47 3 1:10:56 14 7-7-3 24.49  22.68  23.39 

4 5 MAKE IT K C Leung S Woods 4 123 52 5-1/4 1:10:91 13 4-5-4 24.41  22.52  23.98 

5 3 CROESUS T Angland T P Yung 10 131 58 5-1/2 1:10:94 8.7 9-8-5 24.69  22.56  23.69 

6 7 NAZAKAT'S LAD A Suborics K W Lui 1 123 50 6-3/4 1:11:13 13 1-1-6 23.53  22.36  25.24 

7 10 CHEERS VICTORIES C K Tong T K Ng 12 115 44 55 7-1/2 1:11:27 77 12-10-7 24.85  22.64  23.78 

8 6 GO SANDY GO M Chadwick D J Hall 8 123 50 8-1/2 1:11:41 49 10-11-8 24.81  22.72  23.88 

9 2 BORN TO WIN W C Marwing C Fownes 9 131 58 8-1/2 1:11:43 17 11-12-9 24.85  22.96  23.62 

10 8 CHINA ANGEL D Whyte L Ho 6 121 48 10-3/4 1:11:78 6.5 8-9-10 24.61  22.64  24.53 

11 1 AMBITIOUS GLORY J Moreira K L Man 11 133 60 11-3/4 1:11:95 6.1 5-3-11 24.41  22.32  25.22 

12 4 FUJIAN SPIRIT K Teetan A T Millard 7 127 54 17-3/4 1:12:90 19 6-6-12 24.45  22.60  25.85 

Steward Report Predict Pace Map
BORN TO WIN began very awkwardly and in doing so made heavy contact with the outside of its barrier. This resulted in BORN TO WIN losing ground at the start. AMBITIOUS GLORY was slow to begin and then travelled wide and without cover until near the 600 Metres. From the outside barrier, CHEERS VICTORIES was taken across behind runners shortly after the start. Near the 550 Metres, BORN TO WIN was checked and lost ground after getting its head on the side and shifting out across the heels of CHEERS VICTORIES. Near the 500 Metres, CROESUS lost its right front plate. When questioned, A Suborics stated that he had been instructed to lead on NAZAKAT’S LAD if possible due to the horse’s inside barrier and the fact that it had recently raced well when ridden on the speed. He said NAZAKAT’S LAD began only fairly and he rode the horse along vigorously in the early stages to ensure that he rode it to instructions. He said rounding the first turn near the 1000 Metres NAZAKAT’S LAD commenced to over-race and he immediately attempted to steady the horse and have it settle. He said however that as the race continued, NAZAKAT’S LAD would not settle and over-raced. He added he continued to attempt to steady the tempo on NAZAKAT’S LAD, however, the more he attempted to steady the tempo, the keener the horse travelled. He said he was reluctant to heavily restrain NAZAKAT’S LAD as it had a documented history of breathing problems and he attempted to try and have NAZAKAT’S LAD settle as best as he could without checking the horse. He said when NAZAKAT’S LAD refused his attempts to steady, he discontinued attempting to restrain it after the 700 Metres in the hope that this may relax the horse. He said however that NAZAKAT’S LAD continued to over-race and because of this was not able to finish off the race. He added he was aware that NAZAKAT’S LAD was setting an unreasonably fast tempo, however, in his opinion, he attempted all reasonable measures to steady the horse and set a more moderate tempo. As the Stewards were of the opinion that Jockey Suborics’ evidence was supported by the video and that NAZAKAT’S LAD had been officially declared a “roarer” prior to its first race start, they accepted his explanation. After the race, D Whyte (CHINA ANGEL) stated that his mount over-raced badly in the early and middle stages and would not relax. He said because of this CHINA ANGEL was not able to finish off its race. A veterinary inspection of CHINA ANGEL immediately following the race revealed that the horse was lame in its right hind leg. Before being allowed to race again, CHINA ANGEL will be subjected to an official veterinary examination. A veterinary inspection of FUJIAN SPIRIT immediately following the race revealed that the horse was displaying an irregular heart rhythm and had bled from both nostrils. Before being allowed to race again, FUJIAN SPIRIT will be required to perform satisfactorily in an official barrier trial and be subjected to an official veterinary examination. A veterinary inspection of AMBITIOUS GLORY immediately following the race did not show any significant findings. RED COURAGE and NIGHTLIGN were sent for sampling. <6/2/2014 Additional Veterinary Report>CHINA ANGEL, which performed poorly, was examined by the Veterinary Officer. He said at that time he found the horse to be lame in its right hind leg. CHINA ANGEL was again examined by the Veterinary Officer at the stables of Trainer L Ho this morning. He said at this time he noted the horse to be sore in its left front suspensory. As previously advised, CHINA ANGEL will be subjected to an official veterinary examination before being allowed to race again.

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() - Order of Trainer Preference
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